“A beautiful symphony of brotherhood” Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock

“A beautiful symphony of brotherhood”

I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr would say today knowing a black man and a jewish man are now elected as United States senators in the state of Georgia. On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his historic speechI have a dream”, every race, monetary status, religion, and walk of life were in attendance. Martin Luther King Jr echoed so many things that day one thing that resonated amongst so many things in his speech he stated “beautiful symphony of brotherhood” like a title of a song.

Martin Luther King Jr August 28, 1963

The lens that Martin Luther King Jr was given to see is what was established in the state of Georgia in 2021, Georgia is one of the southern states that in the past echoed hard realities of slavery, discrimination, and the civil rights movement.

Jon Ossoff a Jewish kid from Georgia with a progressive undertone, a knack for sci-fi, and a once intern for the impeccable John Lewis. You can just imagine the conversations and knowledge he was able to soak up. His Jewish background and the adversities his family went through during the Holocaust makes him no stranger to oppression. Jon experienced a lot of that growing up different in Northlake, Georgia a suburb of Atlanta throughout his campaign he pushed for equality, inclusion, and humanity.

Reverend Raphael Warnock a product of public housing out of Savannah, Georgia which has always been my rendition of the bayou. Raphael’s pulpit was at the very place Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta in which Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his spiritual journeys several times around, This truly embodies a full-circle moment. His Social stance and powerful attributes to the south helped him achieve a seat as the first black man to hold a United States Senate office in the state of Georgia.

When In a time of unrest it is something remarkable to be seen in the spirit of unity and love. I have watched Georgia diversify in the visions of what Martin predicted nearly 50 years ago. I have and will always believe that creatives are given lenses into the future and sometimes they aren’t around to see it. With unrest in the world, I find a beautiful space of peace knowing that a black man and a jewish man made history. I find peace knowing that Warnock affectionately refers to Ossoff as “his brother” a black man and a jewish man referring to one another as brothers that speaks to what Martin Luther King Jr said many years ago.

No matter what political party, faith, walk of life you may practice it would be a hard thing to deny this wow moment in history.

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