Ben & Jerry Using The Power Of Voice Against Racism

It’s more than simply being on the right side of history, it’s about using your platform and power to raise your voice for good and make a difference for the better — Ben & Jerry’s is doing exactly that.

Ever since the string of police brutality and sheer and blatant violence towards blacks in America, the Black Lives Matter Movement has rekindled and is in full swing. Businesses, celebrities, and local citizens are raising their voice against racism and white supremacy.

Ben & Jerry’s, in partnership with Vox Media, are launching a 6 episode podcast on 15th September called “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America”

The podcast will discuss in-depth detail and lesser-known facts and information about the history of ongoing racism in America, the part of history that was convenient was left out in school coursework.

The podcast will also talk about what life was like after slavery was abolished and how they suffered to get access to proper healthcare, education, and housing. It will also highlight how the state and law played a role in brutality, racism, and discrimination against blacks.

The podcasts will be hosted by Carvell Wallace, who is a New York Times best-selling author and is based on a renowned presentation also called “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America” by ACLU deputy legal director Jeffery Robinson.

The aim of conducting these podcasts is to take a step towards dismantling and combating racism, to bring light to the difficult past and sufferings of black people that have been ignored and concealed by the school system, and to discuss how history is linked to the ongoing situation in America.

It’s important big or small that little steps like these continue. It is a marathon, not a race.

by: Nailah L. Wright Follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Check out my website.

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