Cajou Creamery (plant-based ice cream)With Nicole Foster.

Nailah Lovell نائلة
2 min readMar 9, 2021


Cajou Creamery (Kah-jū)

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Spring is around us, and those nostalgic feelings of warm weather, summer memories, and ice cream run synonymous and for many who maintain a plant-based approach for food having a selection of plant-based ice cream with international cuisine, flavors are sweet melodies to our tummy’s and definitely worth an entry into our vegan culture black book.

Cajou Creamery (Kah-jū) Maryland, USA is absolutely worthy of inclusion, representing the DMV tristate area. They aren’t just your average ice cream shop. Cajou has infused international cuisine in the form of amazing tasting flavors like Horchata (West Africa/Latin America), Baklava (Middle East), top seller Kulfi (India), and Sweet Potato Pie (Southern U.S.)

This husband-and-wife duo Dwight Campbell and Nicole Foster conceptualized the brand Cajou Creamery (Kah-jū) which made an official debut in 2018. The start of Cajou was after learning both their sons were lactose intolerant which statistically most people of color are.

We spoke to Nicole Foster 1/2 of the dynamic duo during the conversation we spoke about entrepreneurship, food and travel, international flavors in ice cream, social change for the incarcerated, future expansion, and more.

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