Just Another Day in Brooklyn with Singer and Producer Adeline

Just Another Day

sound mood: Adore (2020 Remastered) Prince

Adeline Michele was the lead vocalist of the Escort, an American nu-disco band from Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Paris, this French-Caribbean artist has been performing since the age of five. Brooklyn is home to Adeline and her appreatiation for the arts and culture of this borough is evident and it exudes in her music.

Her debut solo self-titled (Adeline) album released in 2018 and included several musical genres like disco, soul, and R&B. The album was critically acclaimed and was praised by the industry gems such as NPR, The Fader, etc. She released her next in the summer of 2020 which was a collection of 7 songs showcasing a new age twist to old school soul, funk, and R&B. This multi-talented bassist collaborates with co-producer Morgan Wiley and produces music under the name Nightshade.

Adeline is a huge fan of wearing wigs, berets, and headgear. She likes to mix and match when it comes to presenting herself in different attires. Few collaborations with the brands include La Ligne, Gap X Vogue, AT&T, etc.

During our conversation, we spoke about Brooklyn, icon Prince, being apart of Cee-Loโ€™s band, Drag queens, and what music means to her.

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