Music Streaming Profitability with Curtis Daniel III of Patchwerk Studios

Music Streaming Profitability

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It is safe to now say that the city of Atlanta is now a transit city and according to The Census Bureau roughly 284,541 moved to the peach state in 2019, with the top people moving from the NY-NJ-PA Metro Area you would be lucky to meet someone born and raised from Atlanta, GA which is why it makes the city so magical the growth. We can debate the growth started during the 1996 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXVI Olympiad, commonly known as Atlanta 1996 or we can debate it started a few years back during the LA Face Records era debates are good for the soul what we canโ€™t debate is Patchwerk Studios contribution to music and the city of Atlanta for the past 25 years and counting.

Patchwerk Client List is immeasurable ranging from hip-hop, r&b, soul, pop, and more. Patchwerk Recording Studios has recorded, mixed, and/or mastered several of your playlist from Beyonce, Outkast, 21 Savage, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and the impeccable Regina Belle just to name a few. Their physical and digital imprint is everlasting and speaks to the history of Atlanta. Patchwerk was founded in 1993 by then Atlanta Falcons Bob Whitfield who nourished the transition to now the owner and operator Curtis Daniel III.

During our conversation with Curtis, we spoke about old Atlanta, recording studio technology, music streaming profitability, entrepreneurship, and singer Regina Belle.

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